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Whats New
  • Healthy Habits Kid Chef Family Day

    Friday, 05 April 2019


    New Sun Moon hosted the “Healthy Habits Kid Chef Family Day” on Saturday, March 16, 2019.
    On the family day,  our children played the role of the little cook in the activity and carried out 4 activities, such as:
    •  Healthy Habits Interview
    •  Healthy & Unhealthy Foods Paste Game
    •  Stay Fit with Doing Aerobic
    •  Fruits Wrap Workshop
    Lastly, all children are awarded a certificate with a family photo as souvenir !
  • I Am Talented Holiday Camp

    Monday, 06 November 2017

    talented 2




    The holiday is here again! NSM is back to engage with your child during the year-end holiday.

    Talents need openings to develop. This time, we’ll be having “I AM TALENTED” holiday camp.

    We hope to identify our student’s developing talents and cultivate the masters of tomorrow through “I AM TALENTED” holiday camp.


    Kids get to


    • Have fun 
    • Make new friends
    • Learn to challenge themselves while developing in confidence and independence
    • Learn new skills, be creative and innovative
    • Enhance their social skills, personal growth and self-esteem
    • Learn about team building, problem solving and leadership


    Who can attend?


    • Our programmes are carefully designed for Pre-School children (3 to 6 years old) and Primary School students (Std 1 to Std 6).


    What's on offer?


    • A different camp theme is typically offered each school holidays. Activities may include rafting, canoeing, high and low ropes, caving, flying fox, lost pilot, archery, fishing, climbing wall, team building and crate climb.
    • Half Day and Full Day Holiday Camp
    • “I AM TALENTED” 4 weeks different themes which are I Can Invent and Build Week, I Love Nature and Food Week, I Am Strong and Brave Week, I Am A Glamour Artist Week.
    • Besides the “I AM TALENTED” theme activities, we also offer KSSR Tuition Camp and Pre-Primary One Tuition Class. Our students will be able to have a head start for 2018 new syllabuses and at the same to strengthen their weaker subjects.


    How can I know is my child coping well ?


    • Introducing our school mobile app “New Sun Moon”, parents may download it from Google Play Store or App Store.
    • Through the mobile app, parent can monitor your child’s leaning progression and result, see the photos of your child participating in activities, get notifications of your child’s awards and comments from teacher, receive notices and reminders, even to find out what is your child eating in the school/centre !

    talented 14a


    Will lunch and snacks be provided ?


    • Lunch and snack are provided every day for students who participate in the Full Day Holiday Camp.
    • Students who join the Half Day Holiday Camp can pre-order the meal with an additional cost.
    • Parents can find out the daily menu through the school mobile app “New Sun Moon”

    talented 6a

    talented 3a

    talented 4a

    talented 5a

    talented 7a

    talented 8a

    talented 9a

    talented 10a

    talented 11a

    talented 12a

    talented 13a






  • Let's Go Green Family Day

    Saturday, 19 August 2017

    Hey kids, are your plants all grown up yet?
    "Let's Go Green" Parents Day (19/8/2017) has brought us countless memories. 
    We still remember those beautiful moments of the kids and their parents taking pictures while posing with the Earth. 
    Also, the fun activity of throwing the rubbish balls into the rubbish bins according to the waste sorting.  
    Wait! Don't forget the creative artworks and the hand printed Eco-labels which the kids created with their parents. 
    Everyone was smiling from ear to ear that day. to us, their smiles are our source of hope. 
    "Recycling starts with you!" Join us in recycling more and love our mother earth!
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Our Programme & Curriculum

(1) Language, communication & Literary


Kindy @ NSM utilises theme-based teaching method to educate our children which also uses Malay, English & Chinese as effective intermediates.

Malay Language
In Malaysia, Malay language is undoubtedly our main vehicular language. It plays a vital role in our learning process, therefore, we would accentuate the importance of Malay language.

English Language
English – an international language – is an essential academic subject. It is not enhances future development of the children, but also enables them to build up good interpersonal relationships.

Chinese Language
Chinese language is considerably a vital language used to brush up the children’s fundamental knowledge in preschool so that they can yield twice the result with half the effort in elementary scho

(2) Sciences & Experiments


Science is always alive in our classroom! We approach science in a very hands-on way which our children really enjoy. Children are expected to develop skills in posing simple questions, measuring, sorting, classifying & communicating information about the natural world.

(3) Social & Moral Development


Children go through stages of moral development, yet unlike physical growth, moral growth doesn’t happen without some input from the adults. To develop into a morally solid person, a child must be given a solid foundation at each stage.

(4) Mathematics & Thinking Skills


Getting our children excited about Mathematics can be a challenge. This is because every child is unique. What a mathematics teacher must do is nourish, develop and refine the aptitude and interest by creating an atmosphere that encourages learning and using activities that are effective and engaging.

(5) Story Listening & Principles Learning


Story listening is the most favourite pastime of all naïve and adorable children. Thus, we integrate “Story Listening, Principles Learning” sessions in teaching. Hopefully our children will absorb meaningful experiences and learn about principles of life in various educational stories.

(6) Music & Movement


Music & movement in early childhood is an important part of a child’s day. It helps develop self-esteem, gross motor skills, social skills, listening skills and so much more. Music makes the children calm and relax, it also stimulates children to interact and cooperate with others.

(7) Sensory Play


Sensory Play is an important part of early childhood development. It lets children explore and learn about their world through what they do best – play. Sometimes, sensory play is simply a great way for children to relieve their stress. Sensory play is also a great way to faster fine motor development.

(8) Role Play


In coordination with our theme-based teaching method, our children can apply what they have learnt by acting different roles in every theme under teacher’s guidance. We believe that the children would love this session and obtain benefits from it!

(9) Life Skills


Life skills are an essential part of early childhood education and many kinds of life skills can be naturally promoted by integrating these skills into children’s play. Some life skills need to be introduced and then consistently encouraged and consistently taught.

(10) Motor Skills Development


Motor skills development also referred to as physical development, is an important part of early childhood development.

Large motor skills include learning how to control those bigger muscles in a child’s body which allows young children to master such actions as walking, running, jumping.

Fine motor skills included the development of those small muscles in a child’s body such as those in the hands and wrists. Fine motor development and eye-hand coordination are the foundations for mastering such skills as writing, painting, cutting and sewing.

(11) Art & Craft


We are passionate about creative art of all kinds! We love to paint, draw and explore with all kinds of materials.

(12) Field Trip / Educational Tour


In every theme, we would take the opportunity to bring the children for a visit, widen their eye spans, enhance their knowledge & experience the real life, as well as to intensify their enthusiasm towards learning!

  • About Us
    Kindy @ New Sun Moon

    Knowledge to fly, Brilliance to excel, Creative to imagine

  • Before & After School Programme
    Primary School

    We are committed in providing a safe and comfortable before and after school care service for busy parents.

  • Before School Care
    Secondary School

    We provide a safe and comfortable environment for the secondary school students to prepare to school every day.